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Welcome to the Croxby Primary School

A warm welcome to Croxby Primary School in Cottingham. Croxby is a large Primary School situated in the
East Riding of Yorkshire, just outside Hull. It is a happy and very popular school with a successful and
talented staff, which enjoys a good reputation. Croxby is a feeder school for Cottingham High School, a
popular East Riding of Yorkshire Secondary school, but also has a number of children who choose to
move on to Kelvin Hall High School, in Hull.

It is very important for you to feel that the school is right for you and your child. We hope that you will find
this website informative and helpful in providing you with a genuine feel for our successful and happy school.
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“Cottingham Croxby provides its pupils with a good quality education in a warm and friendly,
family atmosphere. The caring ethos which permeates all aspects of school life promotes pupils’
personal development well and ensures they feel safe, secure and valued at individuals. Good
attendance bears testament to the pleasure pupils get from school and they mature into
sensible, responsible individuals who are a please to be with.” Ofsted December 2010

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